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The Honorable John Hamm III Recognized For Service as America's Central Port Board Chairman

Pictured right, John Hamm III, Mayor for the City of Madison, Illinois, has served on the board at America's Central Port since 1997. His recent service as the Chairman of the Board for this past 2020 fiscal year marks his sixth term as Chairman. The Port is honored to recognize his exceptional service and appreciates his continued leadership.

Pictured left, former mayor for the City of Grafton, Illinois, Tom Thompson, was appointed to the board in 2015, elected Treasurer in July of 2018, and will serve as Chairman of the Board for America’s Central Port starting in July of 2020 through June 2021.

Created in 1959 by the State of Illinois, America's Central Port is a special-purpose unit of local government whose mission is to develop multi-modal transportation, create business expansion opportunities, and facilitate and assist in job creation for the region.


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