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America’s Central Port District (hereinafter called ”Port”) is a Special-Purpose Unit of Local Government created in 1959 and governed by the America’s Central Port District Act (70 ILCS/1830 et seq.). The purpose of this Act is to promote industrial, commercial and transportation activities, thereby reducing the evils attendant upon unemployment and enhancing the public health and welfare of this State.

The Port’s headquarters are located at 1635 W. First Street, Granite City, IL 62040. The Port’s Maintenance Department is located at 400 A Street, Suite D, Granite City, IL 62040 and the Port’s Security Department is located at 100 Niedringhaus Avenue, Granite City, IL 62040. America’s Central Port employs 36 full-time employees. The Port’s fiscal year runs from July 1 until June 30.  The operating budget for America’s Central Port is approximately $9 million.


Americas Central Port Governance

Board of Commissioners

The Port is directed by a nine-member Board of Commissioners. Each of the three communities (Granite City, Madison and Venice) have one seat on the Board. This seat is filled by the mayor of each community or their appointee. The remaining six commissioners are appointed by the Governor of Illinois. Terms are three years.

(Officers change at the July Board Meeting and, occasionally, Commissioners can change at the end of May)

In addition, the Board of Commissioners appoint the Executive Director, General Counsel and Port Engineer to assist in the management and implementation of the Board’s policies and mandates.

Board of Commissioners
America's Central Port Board Member: ECHOLS

Mayor Echols has been the City of Venice’s representative on the Port Board on two separate occasions; he was originally appointed in 2002. Tyrone is the Mayor of Venice and a retired businessman. He has held the office of Treasurer, Secretary and Chairman of America’s Central Port District Board of Commissioners.

America's Central Port Board Member: HAGNAUER


Board Commissioner

Mr. Hagnauer was appointed to the Board of Commissioners by the Governor of Illinois in 2005. He is a former Madison County Board Member and is presently the Mayor of Granite City, IL. Ed is a retired Granite City Fire Chief and life-long resident of the Tri-City area. He has served as Treasurer, Secretary and Chairman of the America’s Central Port District Board.

America's Central Port Board Member: HAMM

Mayor Hamm represents the City of Madison on the Port’s Board of Commissioners and has been a member since 1997 and has served as Treasurer, Secretary and Chairman. John is the Mayor of Madison, IL.

America's Central Port Board Member: SIGNALL

Mr. Signall was appointed to the Board of Commissioners by the Governor of Illinois in 2004. He has over thirty years’ experience in banking and finance and extensive expertise in commercial loans and bank administration. Mr. Signall is a resident of Granite City.

America's Central Port Board Member: GOINS


Board Commissioner

Mayor David Goins of Alton, Illinois was appointed to the Board of Commissioners in 2021 by the Governor of Illinois. Prior to becoming the Mayor of Alton, Mayor Goins served as a police officer with the Alton Police Department for close to 25 years, and is the Pastor of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church.

America's Central Port Board Member: BROWN


Board Commissioner

Lisa Brown was appointed to the Board of Commissioners in 2021 by the Governor of Illinois. Lisa is the Manager of Affordable Housing and Development for the City of Alton Housing Authority, and is actively involved with the Alton Section of NCNW, Alton Area NAACP and numerous other local organizations.

America's Central Port Board Member: NORDSTROM

Mr. Michael (Mike) Nordstrom was appointed to the Board of Commissioners in 2023 by the Mayor of Granite City.   Mike is the Executive Director of the Metro East Sanitary District (MESD) covering Madison and St. Clair Counties.  Prior to MESD, Mike served the citizens of Granite City as a police officer, retiring as the Chief of Police in 2023, after 28 years of service.


Board Commissioner

Officers of the Board of Commissions.

Mr. Ed Hagnauer | Chairman


The Honorable David Goins, Mayor of Alton | Secretary

The Honorable John Hamm III, Mayor of Madison | Treasurer


NOTE:  Currently, there are two vacant positions. 

Ms. Lisa Brown | Commissioner

The Honorable Tyrone Echols, Mayor of Venice  | Commissioner


Mr. Michael Nordstrom | Commissioner

Mr. Steve Signall | Commissioner



The Port holds its regularly scheduled Board Meetings on the second Monday of each month, unless such date falls on a State of Illinois recognized holiday. Each meeting takes place at 11:45 AM in the Main Conference Room at the Port's office located at 1635 W. First Street, Granite City, IL 62040.


In the event the regularly scheduled meeting falls on a State of Illinois recognized holiday, the meeting is then moved to the following Monday upon approval by the Board of Commissioners at the previous months’ meeting.


  • January 8, 2024

  • February 13, 2024*

  • March 11, 2024

  • April 8, 2024

  • May 13, 2024

  • June 10, 2024

  • July 8, 2024

  • August 12, 2024

  • September 9, 2024

  • October 15, 2024**

  • November 12, 2024

  • December 9, 2024

  * Upon approval at the January 8, 2024 Board Meeting

 **Upon approval at the September 9, 2024 Board Meeting

***Upon approval at the October 15, 2024 Board Meeting

Open Meetings Act
As per the Open Meetings Act (OMA), notice of “Special” or “Reconvened” Meetings of the Board of Commissioners of the Port shall be posted, along with the Agenda, no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting at the Port’s main office located at 1635 W. First Street, Granite City, IL 62040.

Copies of the meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found HERE.


As per the Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120/2.06(g)), “Any person shall be permitted an opportunity to address public officials under the rules established and recorded by the public body.”

Click HERE for the application and the rules as established by America’s Central Port District.



Parties desiring information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are encouraged to contact the FOIA officers:


Ms. Robbie Williams
1635 W. First Street
Granite City, IL 62040
(618) 452-8440

Ms. Salina Alfaro
1635 W. First Street
Granite City, IL 62040
(618) 452-8433

When a person requests a copy of a record maintained in an electronic format, the Port shall furnish it in the electronic format specified by the requester, if feasible. The Port shall charge the requester for the actual cost of purchasing the recording medium. The Port shall charge fees reasonably calculated to reimburse its actual cost for reproducing and certifying public records. The fee for black and white, letter or legal size copies after the first fifty pages shall be $0.15 per page. If the Port provides copies in color or in a size other than letter or legal, the actual cost for reproducing the records shall be charged. In calculating its actual cost for reproducing records, the Port shall not include the cost of any search for and review of the records or other personnel costs associated with reproducing the records. As such fees are determined; they shall be imposed according to a standard scale applicable to any requester.

Click HERE for the FOIA Request Form (PDF)


In accordance with Illinois Open Meetings Act requirements as they relate to employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, information covering total compensation packages, including certain benefits, can be obtained by clicking HERE.   In addition, Public Act 101-0504 requires IMRF employers to provide a link to the IMRF Employer Cost & Participation Information page.



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