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America's Central Port Locomotive

Rail Operations

America's Central Port is home to a world-class rail operation, with unparalleled access and service. Connected to six of the Class-I railroads via Terminal Railroad Association, with an abundance of rail-served sites and warehousing, rail-to-river trans-loading facilities, and a shortline railroad that has never missed a switch in the ten years they've been on the property, there are several incredible rail advantages here at America's Central Port. 

America's Central Port - Property Map
America's Central Port Locomotive
Port Harbor Railroad Logo

The Port Harbor Railroad, a Class-III short line railroad, provides America's Central Port with 24-hour on-demand local switching services and connections to the six Class-I railroads via TRRA.

To learn more about rates, service schedules, or for general questions about how rail logistics can enhance your supply chain, click the link below. 

Port Harbor Railroad Unit Train
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