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Robbie Williams, AZS

Robbie has been with America’s Central Port since September of 2002 as part of the Port’s administrative support staff, and currently holds the title of Office Manager.  Her responsibilities include Administrative Secretary to the Port’s Board of Commissioners, Leasing and Contracts Management, FOIA and OMA Officer, and a Notary Public. 

Robbie also serves as an AZS (Accredited Zone Specialist) certified Grantee Administrator of Foreign Trade Zone 31.  In 2012 she became an active, voting Member of the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones (NAFTZ), and now serves on the NAFTZ Grantee Committee.

In 2018, Robbie successfully applied and reorganized FTZ 31 under ASF (Alternative Site Framework), which expands the coverage area to 12 Counties in Southwest Illinois, and makes it significantly easier for interested businesses to apply for foreign trade benefits. 

Robbie Williams America's Central Port

(618) 452-8440 | direct

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