July 2011

Port Receives $8.5 million dollar grant for South Harbor

Washington – U.S. Congressman Jerry Costello (D-IL) announced today that the Tri-City Regional Port District has received an $8.5 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant. The funds will be used to construct a new South Harbor and connecting rail lines for a multi-modal inland waterway transportation barge port and associated rail and truck facility located at their facilities in Madison County, Illinois. Costello also sponsored the legislation that enabled the transfer of the former U.S. Army Charles Melvin Price Support Center, where the new harbor is located, to the Port District.

Last year, Costello helped secure a $6 million Tiger Grant for the Port District, which is known as America’s Central Port. In combination with state and local funding, the additional $8.5 million will complete funding for the project. The Port estimates it will create over 2,400 construction jobs and over 800 long-term jobs in the region. All permits for the project are in place.

“This is an important project for our region, and is a national model for intermodal transportation projects,” said Costello, a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “It takes advantage of our region’s central location and proximity to the Mississippi River and major interstate highways to create an efficient transportation network. America’s Central Port continues to be an economic driver for our area, and this project will make it an even more attractive place for businesses.”

On getting word that US Congressman Jerry Costello obtained additional TIGER grant funds for the Port’s new South Harbor project, Dennis Wilmsmeyer, Executive Director of America’s Central Port, wanted to thank Congressman Costello for all of his hard work to make this project a reality. Wilmsmeyer said “on behalf of the Port’s Board of Commissioners and myself, we are pleased that the Congressman was able to obtain these additional funds. Ever since his first announcement of funding made last year for 6 million towards this project and his visit to the Port with Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, we know he worked hard to make this happen. The jobs and economic development this project will create is a tremendous shot in the arm for our area and our region”.

America’s Central Port “Green Team” Hard at Work

July 2011 – Efforts to improve sustainable policies and programs at America’s Central Port took another leap forward during the second meeting of the Port’s “Green Team”. As part of the Port’s effort to Go Green, port staff, tenants and operators make up the team and during this second meeting,  members heard from representatives of D and R Energy Services of Alton who gave a presentation on creating energy efficiencies from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. The team also heard from a representative of a Port tenant, Aztek Cleaning services, who talked about eco friendly cleaning products and supplies. The Port Green Team is responsible for developing some of the policies and programs to make America’s Central Port a more environmentally friendly organization. Their next meeting will include a presentation from Aspen Waste Management which will provide information on a recycling audit for the Port and a proposed recycled waste management program.

America’s Central Port’ Green Team will be reviewing ways to reduce energy usage at Port facilities and operations, as well as review vendor programs and services with an eye towards joint purchasing. D and R Energy will be reviewing opportunities for wind power at the Port, particularly at riverfront operations and Port staff will be developing policies and procedures for implementation.

The Port is a partner in the RCGA Green Business Challenge program. The Challenge involves a business or operation to set a goal of developing sustainable policies and programs in order for them to save money and to have a positive effect on the environment. The next meeting of the Team is set for August 9, 10:30 AM in the Port’s Main Conference Room, anyone is welcome to attend.

America’s Central Port goes “GREEN”

America’s Central Port Executive Director Dennis Wilmsmeyer announced today that America’s Central Port’s latest initiative involves the port going “green”. What Wilmsmeyer meant was that the Port is now undertaking an effort which involves Port staff and its tenants to develop a sustainability plan for operating the port.

Wilmsmeyer said that” Port operators and local governments across the country are embracing sustainability and are implementing sustainability programs or initiatives at their facilities. Along with benefiting their communities and the environment, ports are finding that sustainability makes good business sense.” He also said that “the Port Board’s decision to undertake a sustainability program is also a result of new federal, state and local directives that require public agencies to become more sustainable. These laws and ordinances direct public agencies, including ports, to develop sustainability programs or incorporate sustainable practices into their development projects and operations. This is also the right thing to do.”

Ports play a vital role in the movement of goods and commodities around the world, but the future growth of ports and the transportation impacts associated with it has the potential to adversely affect the environment and surrounding community. While barge transportation is one of the “greenest” options for transport, truck hauling has the potential for exhaust and roadway impact issues.

America’s Central Port has commenced the development of a Sustainable Action Plan to help guide the “greening” of Port operations and services. The Port has developed a “Green Team” made up of Port tenants and staff to help provide suggestions and direction to the creation of the Plan. Wilmsmeyer said that “the team is already identifying ways to reduce waste through combining services across the Port as well as looking at additional recycling options. We have had an office paper recycling program in place for a couple of years and we are hoping to expand it Port wide to other offices and facilities.”

The Port is a participant in the St Louis Green Business Challenge. Sponsored by the RCGA, the Challenge involves the development of a baseline “scorecard” on the sustainability issues that are in place today and identifies other areas where efforts can be improved. Specific goals that the Port wishes to address include: reducing energy usage, work with vendors on policies, communication to tenants and the community, review green products and take a look at transportation options.

The Port ‘s Green team has already met once and is developing a mission, goals and assigning projects. At their next meeting they will hear presentations of green cleaning products as well as renewable energy options such as solar and wind.

Frank Miles, the Port’s Business Development Manager, and staff to the Sustainability effort said that the St Louis area is in the top 25 communities in the nation that is driving the new green economy. The jobs and economic development potential these technologies offer are unlimited. We aim to make America’s Central Port a leader in sustainability among St Louis metropolitan Port facilities.


America’ Central Port Business Supports Major Multi-Billion Dollar Solar Project

St. Louis Screw and Bolt, a company that started in St. Louis in 1887 and is now located at America’s Central Port, is involved in a 21st Century project located in California’s Mojave Desert.

A 392 megawatt gross solar complex using mirrors to focus the power of the sun on solar receivers atop power towers is being constructed by the Bechtel Corporation at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California on federal land near the Nevada border. The project, which counts NRG Solar, Google and Bright Source Energy as investors, is currently the largest solar plant under construction in the world. St. Louis Screw and Bolt is supplying all the bolts, nuts, washers and structural fasteners for the towers and mirrors on this multi-billion dollar project.

St Louis Screw and Bolt began operations in the late 1800’s in St. Louis, where it was founded. It moved operations to a facility on North Broadway in 1923 and moved its operations to America’s Central Port in 2006. They employ 53 technicians, processors and warehouse personnel at their facility. Their line of products includes structural bolting for high rise buildings, bridges, state highways, power plants and industrial buildings.

St. Louis Screw and Bolt also provides fasteners and bolts for Intel, at their corporate facilities under construction in Chandler, AZ and in Oregon. They are providing products for the new World Trade Center museum which will open in New York City and also provide supporting materials for the new Freedom Tower which will replace the twin World Trade Center buildings that were destroyed in the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

The Ivanpah Solar Project, built on 3500 acres, will generate enough power to serve more than 140,000 homes and reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by more than 400,000 tons per year. The complex is comprised of three separate plants to be built in phases between 2010 and 2013 and all will use solar thermal heliostat technology, in which each heliostat (318,000 mirrors) fields focus solar energy on power tower receivers near the Center of each heliostat array. These power towers will use the heat from the sunlight to make steam which will be run through a turbine to turn a generator to make electricity.

Once the project is complete, it will double the amount of solar thermal electricity that is currently produced in the US. For more information on the product developed by St Louis Screw and Bolt contact Garland Parker, General Manager at 314-389-7500.